The Use of Project Based Learning in Teaching Process

1Zamira Usmonova, Dilfuza Pulatova, Saida Maksumova, Ozoda Dadajonova, Shohista Zoitova


The article analyses the role of project based learning(PBL) in teaching process. The main goal of the projectbased learning is the realization students’ abilities and personal potential. The main fundamental principle of the project based learningis directly related to the current practical and spiritual needs of the students. The project based learningis a flexible model for the organization of the educational process, focused on the development of students and their self-realization in activities. It promotes the development of observation and the desire to find explanations for their observations, teaches to ask questions and find answers to them, and then checks the correctness of his answers, analyzing information, conducting experiments and research. Project technology is a training system in which students acquire knowledge and skills in the process of planning and completing gradually complicated practical tasks - projects. The technology of projects is always focused on the active independent work of students (individual, paired and group), which they perform over a certain period of time.The subject is a special quality of the individual. An individual becomes a subject of activity when he begins to become aware of himself, his goals, interests, ideals, and on this basis to develop a well-known program of action, he consciously takes a certain position. The subjective nature of project activity determines the development of the student’s personal potential. The idea of the object of activity is formed on the basis of complex cognitive activity. Cognitive activity leads to the creation of a holistic image - from vague, blurry ideas to clear ones. From stage to stage, the sequence of technological processes is concretized, their uniqueness and at the same time universality are recognized, which contributes to the holistic perception of the technological picture of the world, gradually becoming more complicated, the project activity forms an idea of the role and place of the student in this activity.


person, knowledge, principle, project based learning, training, self-motivated, student, project.

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