The Digital Indicators Determination for the Period of Cardiac Rest ST and Its Response With Its Extreme Performance Intensity and Its Relationship With the Percentage of Lactic Acid and Blood PH for The Footballers

1Ali Sabar Mohammed, Majed Sabar Mohammed, Haidar Offy Ahmed


The importance of the research lies in determining numerical indicators to evaluate the periods of the cardiac rest(ST)and the extent of their interaction to the maximum performance of the athlete with the changes that occur in the values of lactic acid and PH blood to maintain the performance of high football players without disruption or fatigue affecting the level of performance accuracy, as for the research problem, the researchers noted that there are no clear numerical indicators for the periods of cardiac rest and their relationship to extreme performance, as well as the lack of knowledge of the relationship of cardiac rest, lactic acid and blood PH during the maximum performance of football players. The research aims to determine the criteria (degrees and standard levels) for the periods of cardiac rest ST for footballers to the excellent level in Basra Governorate, also to identify the level of lactic acid and pH blood for football players for the excellent degree in Basra Governorate, learning about the relationship between the periods the cardiac rest(ST)and the level of lactic acid and pH blood of football players for the excellent degree in Basra Governorate. As the research sample has reached to (60) players after excluding (9) players representing the goalkeepers in addition to the injured players. That the researchers have used the Statistical Package (SPSS) to deal with the data and extract the results that have been obtained from the measurements of the research, as the most important conclusions were: finding the criteria (standard levels and degrees) that serve as the objective guide for the assessment of the level of the adaptation and training.Also the most important recommendations, it is to adopt the criteria that the researchers have extracted in the evaluation processes of adaptation and training as well as for forecasting and classification selection for football players.


Measuring the cardiac res t(ST), Measuring the concentration of lactic acid in the blood, PH blood measurement

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