The battery work for physical, motor and body abilities of basketball players in Iraq 2018-2019 season

1Mohammed Hassan Shaalan, Mohammad Jasim al-Yasiri


The sports field in any country in the world is like the rest of the world, and its development is followed by the development of these multiple fields. As a result of the process of analysis of a matrix links the tentative tests (21) test has been drawing (3) independent factors. The results of the analysis using the basic components, the efficiency of the way through the percentage achieved to explain the disparities to measure the variation of the interpreter of the three factors. Reflecting the importance of the factors derived from the analysis in the arranged installation, as each factor extracted important that differ from the others. The importance of factors in after Friday's learned the value of the tests put the equation of the relative weight to the values achieved by the basketball player in tests candidate countries. It is necessary to adopt an analysis for building battery levels in basketball players. The battery is used and taught advanced basketball teams to diagnose building owned by the player. The use of the equation can be derived from the process of factor analysis in the assessment and selection of players in the National Basketball Association. An analytical study of the candidate tests using recycling italics to indicate the vehicle and influential variables in the evaluation process basketball players.


the battery work, physical abilities, motor abilities, basketball, players, Iraq, 2018-2019 season

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