An Advanced Medibox: Medicine Alert and Medicine Remainder Using Internet of Things

1M. Annamalai, B. Sundaramurthy and S. Sachin


The wellbeing and health segment is basic to human culture and as such ought to be one of the first to get the advantages of up and coming advancements like IoT. A portion of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is associated with IoT systems to screen the everyday exercises of the patients. As of late there has been an endeavor to structure new clinical gadgets which screen the drugs and assist matured with peopling for a superior helped living. In this paper, one such endeavor is made to plan a multipurpose canny gadget named MEDIBOX which enables the patients to take their drugs at the correct time. This container is a capable framework which keeps up the parameters like temperature and stickiness in a controlled range suggested by the drug producer and accordingly keeps up the strength of the medicines. Identified with this, we have built up a Host Management System (HMS) which is fit for IOT observing that store and controls the MEDIBOX usefulness for additional investigation and future change in plan perspectives. MEDIBOX takes control on alerting patient to take medicines, by giving voice alert and drove sign for right medicines, maintains a strategic distance from wrong meds at wrong time. And furthermore affirms the medicine taken by patient with timings, if patient abstains from taking medicine at right time it sends IOT alert to guardian so as to assume responsibility for that circumstances affirms patients from not to skip medicine.


Pill Remainder, Medibox, IOT, Voice Alert, Medication, Smart Trolley.

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IssueIssue 5

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