A comparative study of Therapeutic oral hygiene versus conventional oral hygiene among patients having Ryle’s Tube

1Manisha C. Gholap, Dr Mahadeo Shinde, Samir K. Choudhari, Sanila M.Thomas, Asha K. Koshy, Silpa Mathew, Shubham Pawar, Sneha Patil


Patients with Ryle’s Tube may be more vulnerable to oral disease and discomfort than the general population and may be unable to care themselves. Oral health is a functional, structural, physiologic and psychosocial state of wellbeing and essential to an individual’s general health and quality of life. To compare the effect of therapeutic oral hygiene and conventional oral hygiene among patients having Ryle’s Tube. Experimental Research design was used to conduct the study among patients admitted in the general wards and totally 64 patients were selected by Purposive sampling technique and further divided into 32 in Experimental group and 32 in control group. Data was collected by using structured questionnaire. Informed written consent was obtained from all the participants. Oral hygiene assessment tool was used to assess the oral condition. To Experimental group 4 hourly mouth wash is giving with sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate and to the conventional group regular hospital routine management were followed. After 5 days oral condition was assessed to compare the effect of methods. Mean of Experimental group was 10.406 and SD 1.103 and mean of control group of 2.468 and SD 1.244, calculated t value was 27.007 found statistically significant at the level of p<0.0001. Study results conclude that therapeutic method was found effective to improve the oral hygiene patients with Ryles tube.


effectiveness, therapeutic oral hygiene, conventional oral hygiene, Ryle’s Tube

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IssueIssue 5

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