A Study to Assess the Factors Contributing for Psychological Well-being among Industrial Workers in Selected Industries of Vadodara

1V. Suresh*, Bhumika Patel, Bhavisha Patel, Jyothi Bathula, Rajeshwari Bhoi, Kajal Bariya and Kiran Bariya


Background: The psychological well-being is a vital element of overall well-being. The significance of psychological well-being in working areas has developed in last 3 decades as physical work has more been diverted into mental work, person who work mentally feels more psychological trouble at working place. Apart from that, the various factors that causes psychological problems at work place such as bossism, remuneration, and work load. It is observed that around 46% of the working population are having psychological disturbances. Aims and Objectives: The present study aimed to find out the factors affecting psychological well-being among industrial workers, Vadodara. Materials and Method: We conducted a descriptive study, in which 60 industrial workers were recruited by using non probability purposive sampling technique. A structured questionnaire and interview technique was used and found appropriate to assess the factors affecting psychological well-being. The collected data was tabulated and Analysed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: The overall psychological well-being was observed among the workers, it was found that, around 93.33% workers had moderate positive psychological well-being, about 5% of the sample had low psychological well-being, and 1.6% were had high psychological well-being. The present study further revealed that, majority 67.5% participants are facing problem with bossism and finding very less opportunity for personal growth. Conclusion: The present study concluded that the worker’s psychological well-being is strongly influenced by the following factors such as problems with bossism, salary and lack of opportunity. It is imperative that the employers and policy makers should take appropriate action to promote psychological well-being among workers.


Psychological Well-being, Factors Affecting, Industrial Workers and Industries.

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IssueIssue 5

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