A Study to Assess Knowledge Regarding Preparation and Use of Audio-Visual Aids among Nursing Students of Selected Nursing College

1Rajesh P. Joseph*, E.V. Nirm al Raj, Dayanand Belagavi, Damor Shital, Damor Yagnika, Darji Vanshika and Devani Pranav


Background: Audiovisual aids are the helpful supplement into nursing curriculum. They are the rich resources for nurse educators and nursing students in the field of health care. The mode in which a subject matter is taught will influence the knowledge and interest of the students. Incorporating audiovisual aids in nursing curriculum will keep the students concentration high. Aim: Prearranged educational materials induce the learners to learn concretely. In that respect the investigator aimed to assess the knowledge regarding preparation and use of audio-visual aids among undergraduate nursing students. Material and Methods: A Descriptive, exploratory study was conducted among 182 undergraduate nursing students of selected nursing college in Vadodara. The samples were recruited by purposive sampling technique. Priorly the investigators explained the purpose of the study to the participants and obtained written consent. The data was obtained by structured knowledge questionnaire consisted of 40 questions through interview method. Based on the scoring interpretation the respondent’s level of knowledge was categorized into adequate knowledge, moderately adequate knowledge and inadequate knowledge. The investigator carried out descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze the data. Results: The results exposed that there is no significant association between existing knowledge and selected socio-demographic variables of the respondents. Assessment of knowledge given away that only 1.09% (2) of the respondents had adequate knowledge, 70.32% (128) of the respondents expressed moderately adequate knowledge and 28.57% (52) of the samples exhibited inadequate knowledge. Conclusion: An audio-visual aid occupy a crucial role in nursing curriculum which enhances the nursing student’s knowledge and skills. It was understood from the present study that there is a knowledge break exists in preparation and use of audio-visual aids among undergraduate nursing students. Hence, we recommend that, interventional studies to be conducted extensively in order to enhance the knowledge of the students.


Audio-visual Aids, Knowledge, Nursing Education, Nursing Students.

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IssueIssue 5

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