Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Preparation of Nursing Process among Nursing Students

1Rachana Pandya*, Vruti Patel, Khushbu Patel, Hitisha Patel and Maitree Patel


Background: Nursing process is considered as an appropriate method for explaining the essence of nursing, its scientific bases, creativeness, critical thinking process and solving problem in the professional practice. Nursing process is characterized as the global concept that is being taught and implemented world widely. Different global organizations like WHO & ICN (International Council for Nurses) also acknowledged the use of the nursing process as the central-integral concept among nursing professionals. The developed and detailed-standardized nursing care plan consists the nursing diagnosis, definition, etiological or related causative factors that contribute to the patient’s condition, recording its pattern, desired optimum outcomes and nursing care orders that is nursing interventions. Objectives: To assess the knowledge of nursing students regarding preparation of nursing process. To prepare and administer planned teaching programmed for nursing students on preparation of nursing process. To evaluate effectiveness of planned teaching programme for nursing students on preparation of nursing process. Material and Methods: Quantitative research approach with pre experimental, one group pre test post test design is used for study and data is collected from 100 samples of nursing students with using non probability purposive sampling technique. Planned teaching programme regarding preparations of nursing process with having 10 standardized care plan preparation was implemented to all students. Results: With regards to pre test and post test assessment it indicate that there is drastically increase in knowledge level of nursing student after providing planned teaching program. The planned teaching program was effective in improving knowledge among nursing student regarding preparation of standardized nursing process.


Planned Teaching Program, Nursing Students, Nursing Process, Standardized Nursing Care Plans.

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