Assess the Cultural and Social Beliefs Regarding Pregnancy among Antenatal Mothers in Selected Hospital, Vadodara with View to Provide Information Booklet

1Priyanka R. Waghmare, Srushti Patel, Trusha Patel, Harshad Talapada and Tanvi Patel


Background: In spite of bloom in health care facilities maternal and fetal morbidity as well as mortality is the biggest concern in India. Cultural beliefs can influence women’s use of formal maternal health care services and induce threat towards maternal and fetal health. Hence it is important to know the various belief followed by childbearing women. Aim: Assess the cultural and social beliefs regarding pregnancy among antenatal mothers. Materials and Method: A descriptive research study was conducted among 60 antenatal mothers which selected by using non probability sampling technique. The primary data of research collected through likert scale based on cultural and social belief during pregnancy Data was analysed by descriptive and inferential statistics. The significance level of the study is fixed at 0.05level. Result: Result of the study shows that, harmful beliefs regarding being pregnant followed by 55% of antenatal mother. 28.3% are following moderately beneficial belief. whereas, only 16.7% of antenatal mother are following beneficial cultural and social belief regarding pregnancy. overall mean percentage of cultural and social belief of pregnancy (88.83%) with SD (19.58). The analysis of the association between a demographic variable and cultural and social belief of pregnancy was significantly associated witheducational status, Type of family, Occupation and Source of information. However, other demographic variable including age, area of residence, religionare not significantly associated with the cultural and social beliefs of pregnancy. Conclusion: In the present study it is evident that, child bearing mother still following some belief which is not beneficial for healthy outcome of pregnancy, this is the matter of concern which need the counselling and evaluation of views of the mother during reproductive age.


Pregnancy, Antenatal Mother, Cultural and Social Beliefs During Pregnancy, Information Booklet on Pregnancy.

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