Analysis of Women Safety in Indian Cities on Tweets Using Machine Learning

1Laxman Maddikunta

2Vidhya Shenigaram

3Ladhwe Shri Megha

4Gugloth Satish Kumar

1Kshatriya College of Engineering,
2Kshatriya College of Engineering
3Kshatriya College of Engineering
4Kshatriya College of Engineering


Women and girls have been experiencing a lot of violence and harassment in public places in various cities starting from stalking and leading to abuse harassment or abuse assault. This research paper basically focuses on the role of social media in promoting the safety of women in Indian cities with special reference to the role of social media websites and applications including Twitter platform Facebook and Instagram. This paper also focuses on how a sense of responsibility on part of Indian society can be developed the common Indian people so that we should focus on the safety of women surrounding them. Tweets on Twitter which usually contains images and text and also written messages and quotes which focus on the safety of women in Indian cities can be used to read a message amongst the Indian Youth Culture and educate people to take strict action and punish those who harass the women. Twitter and other Twitter handles which include hash tag messages that are widely spread across the whole globe sir as a platform for women to express their views about how they feel while we go out for work or travel in a public transport and what is the state of their mind when they are surrounded by unknown men and whether these women feel safe or not?


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