Impact of Wiki on Student Satisfaction and Processes of Knowledge Management

1Bibhuti B Pradhan


The present investigation provides details regarding the utilization of the Wiki as the online pedantic instrument to create KM i.e. knowledge management forms in the higher education. This investigation incorporates social constructivist standards for learning where the learners are collaborative and pro-active through the higher order cognitive procedures. The study was managed in two nations, specifically Italy and Egypt, to close a hole in the writing with an intention to present KM forms in the teacher instructive programmes. These procedures are viewed as vital for professional skills of teachers. Such procedures are professed to empower teachers and in this manner schools to develop in a networked data driven worldwide society, particularly as the intricacy of subject information is expanding. It is likewise the learning experience where the teachers figure out how to give its students with instructive settings where innovation is empowered. All through the examination, 37 Italian students and 28 Egyptian students took part in online exercises and created interdisciplinary undertakings for preparatory and primary stages while working together in the Wiki experience inside Moodle stage. The examination followed a blended strategies approach that comprised of both qualitative and quantitative information. The creators built up a few instruments so as to quantify the two outcomes and procedures of five-week online exercises. The outcomes propose that Wikis can build up knowledge management processes of teacher and satisfy the student satisfaction while working together in structuring interdisciplinary project


Explicit Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Student Satisfaction, Tactic Knowledge and Wiki.

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IssueIssue 6

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