E-Waste Management on Awaring College Students

1Sarat K Samal


The point of this research paper is to know the awareness, information, discernment, and attitude of school going students about existent, hazard and the board of E-waste which is the quickly developing issues of the world. It likewise attempted to distinguish current e-waste the board rehearsed by the students. Review technique for inquire about was utilized to discover the familiarity with students in regards to E-waste the executives. A complete no of 120 students were chosen. 60 students speaking to the expert stream and 60 student speaking to the non-professional stream from various schools of University of Delhi and IP University Delhi. Basic Random examining system was utilized to gather the information. Oneself created E-Waste Management Awareness Questionnaire (EWMAQ) was utilized to gather the information. Poll was intended to ask the students how they would react to explicit e-waste related inquiries and circumstances. It was discovered that there is no noteworthy contrast in the awareness in regards to presence of E-waste in students of expert stream and non-professional streams. It implies every one of the students independent of their stream are having familiarity with existent of e-waste. However, there is critical contrast in the awareness in regards to danger of E-waste in undergrads of expert stream with their non-professional partners. It implies students of expert stream are having more consciousness of danger of e-waste than the students of non-professional stream, and students of both the streams are unaware of proper e-waste executives.


E-waste, E-waste management, Danger of E-waste, Effect of E-waste

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