Air Conditioning System Using Vechile Suspension

1R. Hariharan, I. Aburarul Haq, R. Arun Kumar, E. Balaji and M. Barath Kumar


In this project we are collecting air cylinder and store this energy to the compressor tank as non-conventional method by simply driving the vehicle. Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor needs no fuel input power to produce the output of the air. For this project the conversion of the force energy in to air. The control mechanism carries the air cylinder (vehicle suspension), quick exhaust valve, Non-return valve and spring arrangement. Then this compressed air is passed to the heat exchangers. That is used to convert the heat air into cold air. Cold air is passed to the vehicle. The conventional vehicle suspension dissipates the mechanical energy i.e. potential and kinetic energy. In spring potential energy is stored and kinetic energy is wasted. The aim of paper is this wasted energy is compressed by using single acting cylinder by proper arrangement. The main aim of this paper is the compressed air production using vehicle suspension is given to the air conditioning system. The pushing power is converted into compressed air energy by proper arrangement .The pneumatic single acting cylinder is used for this project to compress the air. The output air from the pneumatic cylinder is collected through quick exhaust valve and non return valve and this compressed air stored inside the storage tank. After this research we concluded in car there is a lot of fuel burn only for working of A.C. while driving the car. If A.C. will run on other system rather than fuel then there is lot of fuel save in car hence the efficiency of car will also increases.


Suspension System, Single Acting Cylinder, Non-Return Valve, Storage Tank, Heat Exchanger

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