Customer Purchasing Intention in Saudi Arabia within the Context of Social Media: Conceptual Model

1Asem ALnasser, Anuar Shah Bali Mohomed, Mazlan Hj Hassan and Haslinda Hashim


Purpose: To investigate the impact of influencer’s credibility on consumer’s intention to purchase within the context of social media. And the impact of trust and attitude as mediators between social media features such as usability. Methodology: This research was conducted within the social media where Saudi users are commonly known among the top active users in this domain. This study conducted systematic review to prior studies regarding intention to purchase online. While investigating various constructs proposed previously the special case of Saudi which has preference to brick-mortar store and appreciation for social media influencers. Main Findings: There is a lack of models that explain consumers’ intention to purchase within the social media context. Much appreciation has been put on influencer’s credibility, yet, trust and attitude found to have critical role on consumers to have positive intention to purchase within the context of social media among Saudi consumers. Implication: This study spots light to the combination of influencer’s credibility, attitude, and trust in order to explain more the intention to purchase among social media users-particularly Saudi context. The context of this study is Saudi social media users who have unique features such as they are the top active users on social media, and there is quit number of influencers who have million followers; and those influencers involve in many marketing campaigns. Originality of this study: this study investigated purchase intention within social media particularly Saudi context; which is rarely discussed. Moreover; the influencer’s credibility as moderator has not been investigated before.


Social Media, Influencer’s Credibility, Intention To Purchase, Saudi Arabia

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