An Assessment of the Islamization of Human Sciences Using Communication and New Media

1Amani Ali El Metwally, Zahrom Bin Ridzwan, Mohd Syukri Yeoh bin Abdullah, Azizi Abu Bakar* and Saba Hikmat Abbood AL Najjar


Islamization of Human sciences is much debated area in the Islamic intellectual discourse which do not works in the contradiction to modern sciences but ally with it. The efforts are going on to integrate the Islamic knowledge into the modern human/social science in order to promote Islamization. This paper is based on the assessment of the contributions of Muslim social scientist in the related field by studying need, prospects and challenges of the Islamization of Human Knowledge. The analysis of related literature depicted that Islamization of Human sciences is needed in the modern society in order to promote and preserve the Islamic Civilization. Many efforts have been made by various Islamic sociologists all over the Muslim world to introduce and integrate Islamization of Human sciences into societies. They have established educational institutions and introduce curriculum and courses related to Islamization of human sciences. Islamic sociology is one of the initiatives of those efforts to realize the Malaise of the society through Islamic Perspective and how to solve these problems in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Despite great work done by Muslim social scientists, some impediments are there such as lack of training and education to integrate the curriculum based on Islamic ideology. Socio-cultural, political, economic and religious problems are also creating hurdles in its way to progress. It is recommended that Muslim Ummah should unite on one paradigm and ideology to promote Islamization of Human Sciences in the contemporary world.


Islamization, Human Sciences, Communication, New Media

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