Importance of Sociology and Sociological Ethics, and Its Value on Bioethics Perspective

1Dr. Subhasish Chatterjee, Dr. Banibrata Roy and Dr. Medha Wadhwa


This pilot study has been undertaken with a primary objective to find the intersection of ‘Bioethics and Sociology’. In this study, an effort is made to understand five different perspectives based on a sample of respondents and bringing several stakeholders like Sociologist, people from the medical fraternity, clinical practitioners, behavioral scientists and Bioethicist on the same platform. The authors have presented a precise statistical reasoning after assembling useful data. This will empower the researchers to take appropriate decisions for further study. For this study, several literatures have been reviewed in determining an appropriate hypothesis and accordingly structured questionnaires was prepared for the collection of data. The collected data were analyzed using non-parametric inferential statistics (Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness of Fit Test and Sign Test) for testing five hypotheses. The study is concluded based on an inference research, so that the researcher can make more effective and efficient decisions to enhance the future research study of the significance of Sociology on Bioethics in a broader range.


Bioethics, Sociology, Moral, Ethics, Moral Belief, Sociologists and Medical Fraternities.

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IssueIssue 5