Perception the Social and Cultural Environment and its Impact on Creative Behavior: A survey study of the opinions of a sample of managers at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Iraq

1Hassan Motasher Aljboury


Perception of the external environment is considered one of the important issues in the field of organizational behavior, because of its great and effective role in determining the behavior of workers in organizations, especially creative behavior. It was launched from several questions and hypotheses, the purpose of which was to answer them to identify the importance of tourism organizations. To determine the level of study variables and test their hypotheses, a number of unscientific statistical methods have been used in analyzing and processing data and information by relying on ready-made statistical programs (SPSS ver-19). The questionnaire is approved as a measurement tool by (30) officials at the level of administration who are ranked (general manager, head of department) at the center of the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The study reached a set of conclusions, the most prominent of which was the low level of awareness among managers of the social and cultural environment, which led to influencing the behavior of creative managers and making it routine without creativity. The study found that the awareness of social and cultural factors on creative behaviors has an impact on the work that managers perform in their jobs That requires mental factors and intellectual skills that lead to creative behavior in order to perform their tasks. The study shows the provision of all information that pertains to society culturally and socially, to connect to the perception and understanding that helps to reach creative behavior.


cognition, cultural and social environment, creative behavior

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