The Effectiveness of Special Exercises of Different Play Areas to Improve Tactical Acts for New Football Players of Al-Sinaa Club

1Ryead Mizhir Krebt, Haidar Ghadban Ibrahim


The first section contains introduction, the problem and its significance and the areas of the study. Football has gained international popularity in the entire world and witnessed many deployments, and this improvement help in improving the quality in technical, tactical and psychological of players, these aspects can lead to a proper acting in the field. The problem of the study comes from the long experience of the researchers who played in all national teams and now as coaches in AL-Sinaa Club, the researcher found that most of the payers are very weak tactical acts because most of the coaches when the train their players they do not focus upon specific areas in the field. So, the present study proposed exercises for specific places in the field to improve tactical acting. Section two uses the experimental approach to find out the results, while the sample of the study is randomly chosen of 20 players of Al-Sinaa Football Club distributed into two groups experimental and control group 10 each. To analyze the data depended on the following: test of tactical acts, pilot test and Statistical program of SPSS.


exercises in deferent places of the field, tactical acts

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