Social Entrepreneurship in India: Review

1Sidhya B Dash


In India and around the world social entrepreneurs have become the buzz word. In nature, people found this concept of philanthropy a little fascinating. It has the perfect mix of social care and entrepreneurship; this combination makes it so distinctive and appealing in design. Generally, entrepreneurship is linked to economic activities and competitive profit-making while avoiding social benefits or well-being in society. Throughout today's era of rapid industrialization and economic growth, socio-economic advances have taken back seat or even out of reach all over the world, including India, with the concept of social entrepreneurship growing throughout India and around the world having aimed to serve society more meaningfully than ever before, along with living the spirit of entrepreneurship in its fullest. Social enterprise is not a modern idea but in recent times the concept's role has grown to new heights. This research paper includes the different challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and puts forward their recommendations to improve the overall social entrepreneurship / entrepreneurship situation in India. Further research paper discusses similarity and contrast between social and economic entrepreneurship, as well as explaining the characteristics of a social entrepreneur. The article further discusses the principles from a creative point of view, such as social needs and technological developments


Social entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Social needs, social entrepreneurs, economic entrepreneurs, Bottom of the pyramid.

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