The Influence of Problem Based Learning Model Based on Midwifery First Stage of Childbirth Care Module in Improving Learning Quality

1Hamdiah Ahmar, Prastawa Budi, Mardiana Ahmad, Musliha Mustary, Iin Octaviana Hutagaol


The emphasis of midwifery education is the process of educating and increasing the ability of individuals to become midwives who are carrying out professional midwifery practice. Several factors cause the low quality of education. One of them is the learning process, another one is the lack of learning media and the selection of inappropriate learning methods. The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of PBL based on midwifery 1st stage of child care module in improving learning quality. This research is a quasi experiment with one group pre-test and post-test design, carried out at the Pelamonia academy of D3 study program in Makassar in December 2019. Harry King nomograme large sample formula is used with 114 samples withdrawn with purposive sampling technique. The instruments of the study were module preparation instruments in the form of validation sheet from student activity observation sheets, partograph problems and student responses questionnaires. Data were analyzed with Wilcoxon test, N-Gain Test and Fisher Test. Module research results are categorized as very feasible to use, student learning activities are very good with an average of 89.96%, learning outcomes indicate an influence of module based PBL (Wilcoxon Test) p-value 0,000 <0.05, and there is no relationship of GPA with student learning outcame with fisher p-value 0.631> 0.05, Student Responses is 76 with an interesting category.


1st Stage Model, Problem Based Learning Model, Learning, Effective Learning

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