The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of
 Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 9
July 2004 - June 2005

Feature Articles

Coping with Public Labeling of Clients with Mental Illness in Hong Kong:
A Report of Personal Experiences


Expert committee on psychopharmacology: An Ongoing Experience in Brazil
Camargo, Hirdes, & Goudochnikov

Quality of Life Correlates Among Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury: Does Race Matter?

Rahman, Forchheimer, & Tate

Participants’ Reported Experiences of an Irish Psychiatric Residential Rehabilitation Programme
Price B. & Western B.

Mental Health and Palliative Care: Exploring the Ideological Interface
McGrath, P. & Holewa, H.

In the Midst of Winter there was an Eternal Summer: Finding Spirituality
 and Hope in Suffering, the Case of Antisocial-Narcissistic Personality.

Effectiveness of Assertive Community Treatment for Patients Referred
 under Kendra’s Law: Proximal and Distal Outcomes
Perese, Wu, & Ranganathan

Quality of Life of People with Long-Term Psychiatric Illness Living in a Residential Home

Burden of Caregivers of Mentally Ill Individuals in Israel:A Family Participatory Study

  Peer Support Groups for People With Bipolar Disorders in New Zealand:
 A Pilot Study on Critical Success Factors

Tse, Doughty & Bristol

A Slab Over My Head: Recovery Insights from a Consumer’s Perspective
McGrath & Jarrett

Neuroleptic Weight Gain 
 Tweedell, Sutter & Doran

Second Generation Neuroleptic Weight Gain:Evaluating
Early Intervention Strategies –A Feasibility Study

Tweedell, Sutter, Dunphy & Landeen

Sex Differences in Sex Attitudes Among Hispanic
College Students: Findings From a Texas University Near Mexico

 Eisenman & Dantzker

Factors Predicting Overall Life Satisfaction for People
  with Long-Term Mental Illness

A Table Tennis Tournament in the Psychiatric Hospits:
Description and subbestion for Salogenic Implications

Iancu, Strous, Nevo, & Chelben