The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of
 Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 7
July 2002 - June 2003

What Does Social Justice Mean and Require in the Rehabilitation
of Ex-Convicts Addicts in the Era of Privitization
Ana Kadmon-Telias

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supported Apartment in Facilitating
Community Integration and Mutual Help among Residents with a
Chronic Mental Illness in Hong Kong: Some Preliminary Finding
Wong, Sun, & Chiu 

Is Supported Employment Cost Effective? A Review 

Access to Higher Education for the Mentally Ill: A Review
of Trends, Implications,and Future Possibilities for The 
Americans With Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act

Consumer/Survivor Stories of Empowerment and Recovery
in the Context of Supported Housing
Parkinson & Nelson

Make Yourself at Home: People Living with Psychiatric 
Disabilities in Public Housing
Jones, Chesters & Fletcher 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Brazil: The Impact on 
Everyday Life
Hirdes & Kantorski

Cognitive-behavioral treatment of a patient with vertigo 
and unusual sensitivity to smells: A case report
Fogel & Jacob

Developing housing for Persons with severe mental illness: An
 innovative community foster home
Piat, Wallace, Wohl, Minc, & Hatton

Depressive Symptoms and Family Functioning in the  Caregivers
of Recently Hospitalized Patients with Chronic/ Recurrent
Mood Disorders
Heru & Ryan

Psychiatric Rehabilitation: The Need for a
Specialized Approach

Under the Cloud of Professionalism Singer

Psychotherapy and Education in Prison With Two Native American Youths

A Vision and Mission for Peer Support - Stakeholder Perspectives
Leung & DeSousa

Support Needs of People with Mental Illness inVocational Rehabilitation Programs
- the role of the social network.

Shankar & Collyer