The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of
 Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Volume 6
July 2001 - June 2002

Feature Articles

The Influence of Collateral Information on Access to inpatient Psychiatric Services Lincoln & Allen

Case Management: A Critical Analysis of the Literature - Grech

A Review of the Current Evidence for the use of
Psychological Interventions in Psychosis - Grech

Mass Hysteria Among Learners at Mangaung hools in Bloemfontein,
South Africa - Rataemane, Rataemane, & Mohlahle

Intimacy in People with Chronic Pain - Bral, Shaughnessy, & Eisenman

Treatment of Depression in Older Adults - Anderson

Efficacy of music therapy in effecting behaviour change in persons
with Cerebral Palsy - Krakouer, Houghton, Douglas, & West

Pain and Disability:The Personal Experiences of a Clinical
Psychologist- Eisenman

The role of empathy in quality therapeutic engagement for increasing
motivation for change in schizophrenia - Singer

The Incidence of Anxiety among Spouses of
Breast Cancer Patients - Iqbal, Qureshi & Siddiqui

Biases towards Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities
as related to Community Integration - Singer