The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation link

The International Journal of
 Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Volume 5
July 2000 - June 2001

Feature Articles

Uncovering the Elements of Success: Working with Co-occurring Disorders in Residential Support Programs - Beaulieu & Flanders

Halfway House: An Alternative to Rescue the Rights and Citizenship of the Mentally Ill Person - Vietta, Saeki, Santa Roas, & Ferriera
Buprenorphine-Ketorolac Vs. Clonidine-Naproxen In The Withdrawal from Opioids - Telias & Nir-Hod
Earning Money via the Internet: Perceptions of Women with Schizophrenia of In-Home Computer Work – Seeman & Seeman

Developments In Psychiatric  Rehabilitation: A Therapeutic Trip -   Telias, Fronsky, Umansky

An Overview of Substance Dependency – Gersabeck

Psychoeducational Group Therapy  for the dually diagnosed -Anderson,  Boris,  & Kleckham

Rehabilitation and Social Insertion of the Homeless Chronically Mentally Ill - Gonzalez, Gonzalez, & Aguirre

Dual Diagnosis – Telias

Psychodrama And Helplessness In The Helper Of Addicts – Kadmon-Telias

Support groups for relatives of people living with a serious mental illness: An overview  - Reay-Young

Development and Implementation of a Functional Skills Measure for Rehabilitation Therapy in a Forensic Psychiatric Inpatient Facility -Neville & Vess