The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 12
July 2007 - June 2008

Feature Articles

Volume 12
   Number 1
Homeless Mentally Ill Persons: A bibliography review
  Nieto, Gittelman, & Abad

Making Meaning in a ‘Post-Institutional’ Age: Reflections on the Experience of (De) institutionalization
  Morrow & Jamer

Needs and Appropriateness of Help According to Types of Professionals
 and Their Users
  Fleury & Grenier

Nursing and the Teaching of Mental Health Care in Brazil
  Kantorski & De Pinho

Process Levels and Service Complexity as Predictors of Time Demand in
Rehabilitation Counseling

How Psychosocial Sport & Play Programs Help Youth Manage Adversity:
A Review of What We Know & What We Should Research
  Henley, Schweitzer, de Gara, & Vetter

Rehabilitation and Recovery From Stressful Events - a Model

The psychotic among us:The Emerging View of Psychosis and its
Possible Implications for Stigma

Volume 12
Number 2
Psychosocial Correlates in Adolescent Children of Alcoholics-Implications for Intervention
  Stanley & Vanitha

Peer Specialists and Carer Consultants Working in Acute Mental Health Units:
An Initial Evaluation of Consumers, Carers, and Staff Perspectives
  Kling, Dawes, & Nestor

The Impact of Participation in a support Group for Carers of a Person with Schizophrenia: A Qualitative Study
  Wyman, Clarke, McKenzie & Gilbert

Wisconsin: Leading the Way to Person-Centered Planning in Community-Based Health- A Short Report
  Grieder & Theis

Spinal Cord Injury and its Association with Negative Psychological States
  Craig, Tran, Lovas, Middleton

Towards Promoting Recovery in Vancouver Community Mental Health Services, BC, Canada

Reference Group Focused Therapy for Schizophrenics (RGFT-S) - A New Rehabilitation-Oriented
  Salganik & Soifer

Using Psychological Formulation As A Means Of Intervention In A Psychiatric Rehabilitation Setting

Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy:Seeing Through the Looking Glass
Ahonen-Eerikäinen, Lamont & Knox