The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 11
July 2006 - June 2007

Feature Articles

Volume 11 Number 1
Supported Education Strategies for People with Severe Mental Illness: A Review of Evidence Based Practice
  Leonard & Bruer

Social Support And Quality of Life Among Psychiatric Patients In Residential Homes
  Sharir, Tanasescu, Turbow & Maman

Disclosure of a psychiatric disability in supported employment: An Exploratory Study 
  Banks, Novak, Mank, & Grossi

Evaluation of a Mentored Self-Help Intervention for the Management of Psychotic Symptoms
  Casstevens, Cohen, Newman, & Dumaine

The Effect of Socio-Cultural Context on Conceptualizing Autistic Disorder In the People’s Republic of China
  Hsiao &  Magyar

The Social And Academic Implications Of Drug Abuse Amonst Undergraduates in Nigeria
Safe Minds – Perceptions of Safety in a Rehabilitation Clinic for SeriousPersistent Mental Illness
  Waddell, Ross, Ladd, & Seeman

Living with unexplained somatic symptoms
Elsass, Jensen, Morup, & Thogersen

The theories, mechanisms, benefits, and practical delivery of psychosocial
educational interventions for people with mental health disorders

Psycho-social Issues in Childhood Autism Rehabilitation: A Review

  Number 2

The Recognition Of Fatigue: A qualitative study of life-stories from rehabilitation clients
    Elsass, Jensen, Morup, Thogersen

Investigating the Assistive Technology Skill and Need for Knowledge of CPRPs
   Gitlow, Hofmaster, & Wade

Discontinuation of an integrated treatment for schizophrenia disorders:
one-year outcome
   Montero, Asencio, & Talavera

The positive effects of religiousness on mental health in physically vulnerable
populations: A review on recent empirical studies and related theories
   Yeung & Chan

Psychiatry Morbidity Among  Inmates of the 'Beggar Home’
  Thakker, Gandhi, Sheth, Vankar, & Shroff
Integrated Psychological Intervention for Schizophrenia
  Hegde, Rao, and Raguram

The Problem of Stigma during End-of-life Care at a Psychiatric Institution
   McGrath & Jarrett