The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 10
July 2005 - June 2006

Feature Articles

Volume 10 Number 1

The Social Construction of Mental Illness and its Implications for the Recovery Model

Paradox in Practice?  The Rhetoric of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Recovery from Severe Mental Illness: The Lived Experience of the Initial Phase of Treatment
   Bradshaw, Roseborough & Armour

Subjective Memory Complaints in Relation to Anxiety and Test Performance of
Patients Recovering from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Hong Kong
   Au, Chan, Li, Han, & Chan

Folie a Deux – a Social-Psychological Approach
Salganik & Soifer

Twin Reflections: A Consumer-Driven Schizophrenia
Pun, Jarett, McGrath, & Kalyanasundaram

In the PinC - Trialing of a New System of Mental Health Practice
Jubb & Shanley

Family Caregiving Of Clients With Mental Illness In China  (Part 1)

Family Caregiving Of Clients With Mental Illness In China  (Part 2)

Drug –Specific Responsiveness of Negative Symptoms
Shafti, Rey & Abad

Common Problems in Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The Experience Of Bipolar Disorder At Work

Volume 10 Number 2
Short Reports
Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Slovenia

Creating a New Culture: Establishing a Transitional Living Community at a State Hospital
(A Short Report)
Mazzarella & Marsh-Williams

Feature Articles
The Influence Of Psychosocial Rehabilitation On Patients With A First Episode Of Psychosis
Whitty, Lydon, Turner, & O'Callaghan


Mead & MacNeil

Piat, Wohl,& DuRuisseau