The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Suicide Prevention in the Marshall Islands

Responsible lnstitutions
Ministry of Health and the Environment Department of Human Services

Project Time-frame
June 1997 to June 1999

Main Goals
To improve the care provided to people who have attempted suicide and to prevent the occurrence of suicide and suicide attempts.

Suicide rates in the Marshall islands, particularly amongst young men, are alarmingly high. Yet health care workers do not have the training or resources to implement preventive or care intervention strategies.

 Project Description
This project will develop culturally relevant strategies for preventing and intervening with cases of suicide.

 First, education and training will be provided to relevant staff on the causes of suicide, community based strategies to prevent suicide and intervention strategies to assist individuals who have attempted suicide. In addition, training in strategies to assist other persons directly affected by the suicide or suicide attempt, for example, family members will be provided.

 Second, three videotapes which address the causes of suicide, prevention and intervention for cases of suicide and the consequences of suicide, for example, the impact on their families and communities will be produced. These videotapes will be used as part of an ongoing community suicide prevention and intervention strategy.

 A national conference on suicide will be organized to help co-ordinate this strategy.

Performance Indicators
Performance indicators will include an evaluation of the national conference on suicide by participants, the production of the three videotapes, the extent to which the videotapes are used, increased knowledge and skills as a result of training and decreased rates of attempted suicide and completed suicide.

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