The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Psych. Rehab. & Community Care in Egypt

Responsible Inditutions
Ministry of Health, Alexandria, Egypt

Main Goals
To improve mental health care through the provision of training to primary care providers

Project Time-frame
September 1997 to September 2000

The limited number of psychiatric services in Alexandria - one state Mental Hospital in Alexandria and five out patient psychiatric clinics linked to general hospitals and polyclinics - is not sufficient to provide adequate mental health care to the community. To improve mental health, it is necessary to train primary care providers in psychiatric and mental health problems and care.

Project Description
This project will be implemented in Alexandria over a three year period. The main focus of activities will be to develop training programmes for primary care providers, in particular doctors and nurses. The training programme will use the 'train the trainer' model. In most instances psychiatrists will be trained to provide training to primary care providers.

 The focus of training will be on the better detection and management of patients in primary care. Instruction on referral and record keeping procedures will also be provided. Training will be implemented mainly through workshops and will use interactive teaching methods and role plays to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Mental health resource material will be developed for trainers and trainees.

Community leaders will be identified and involved in the development of training programmes and resources and the organization and implementation of training programmes. Their involvement will enhance the credibility and profile of the project and will attract more persons willing to lead training programmes.

 For the purpose of evaluation, one catchment area of Alexandria - 'Almontazah district' will function as the intervention site, while another catchment area - 'Mid-town' district will function as the control site.

Performance Indicators
Performance indicators will include a decrease in the number of psychiatric admissions in the intervention catchment area compared with the control area. Additionally, increased knowledge and improved attitudes and skills will be used as indicators of the success of training programmes.

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