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Volume 21
January - December 2017
This private NON-PROFIT professional publication and associated web-based, information archive service is dedicated to the enhancement of practice, program development, program evaluation and innovations in mental health and substance abuse treatment programs worldwide.  Its goal is to provide a public forum for practitioners, consumers and researchers to address the multiple service needs of patients and families and help determine what works, for whom under a variety of circumstances.


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Volume 21
Number 1

Please be Patient

Volume 20
Number 2

Psycho-emotional characteristics that facilitate smoking cessation
David, Ramos, Freire, Batista & Ramos

Disability in person with schizophrenia: A study from north east India
Lyngdoh & Ali

“We Need Each Other!”:  Adapting the Tavistock Method for
Large Group Therapy for Adults with Severe Mental Illness
Czochara, Hazell, Semmelhack & Ende

Human Rights of Mentally Ill Clients

Integration of mental and psychomotor training in vocational
rehabilitation for persons with mental illness improves employment
Knapen, Myszta & MoriŽ

Experiences of otherness among students diagnosed with
depression and/or anxiety disorder
Appelqvist-Schmidlechner, Wessman, Tuulio-Henriksson, & Luoma

Inpatient Psychiatric Rehabilitation: An Alternative to Bringing Back the Asylum
Reinhardt-Wood & Kinter

TEACH: A Framework for Recovery-Oriented Education and Training

Internet-delivered interventions in mental health rehabilitation:
A recovery-oriented online service platform
Klutch, Libling, Benyamini, Lachman & Katz

Stress reaction and Post-traumatic stress disorder among flood
victims of Lahore- Pakistan and role of community (ROC)
Nasar, Zulqarnain, Inayat & Khan

The Rise and Fall of the Mental Health Recovery Model
Field & Reed

Psycho-emotional characteristics that facilitate smoking cessation
David, Ramos, Freire, Batista & Ramos

Individual Perspectives on the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W.R.A.P.)
as an Intervention in Mental Health Care 
Horan & Fox

Volume 20
Number 1

Adherence issues to antipsychotic medication in schizophrenia:
results from a Hong Kong survey targeted for psychiatrists and
case managers

Mak, Lo, Yeung, Wong, Chung, Chui, Tam, Mui, Chan, & Wong

Perceived burden and quality of life in Chinese caregivers of people
with serious mental illness: a path analysis

Zeng, Zhou, & Lin

Assessing the Suitability of Clinical Programs for Implementation
Bartholomew & Birkman

Better Eating and Recovery: Addressing Food Insecurity at an urban
Better Eating and Community Mental Health Center

Debor, Gallagher, Blinten, Sernyak, Cole, Olsen, & Harper

Notes in Tune: Arts-based Therapy (ABT) at Schizophrenia Awareness
 Association in Pune, India


Cognitive behavioural treatment for problematic hoarding: A Case Study

Effectiveness of a Recovery Program for Chinese Psychiatric Inpatients
Lai, Chiu, Tse, Tsui, Cheung, Chen, Chan, Fan, Chan, Cheung, Wong

‘It made me think a little different’ a qualitative study of young adult cancer
survivors’ experiences of cognitive therapy in cancer rehabilitation

Hauken & Viken

Efficacy of Social Skills Training among Persons with Schizophrenia
Kapse & Nirmala

Empathy in Psychosocial Intervention: a theoretical overview
Stanley & Sethuramalingam

Comparing quality of life, stress perception and quality of social networks
in a community-based brain injury program
Prudhomme, Wilcox, Kresge, & Couture

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