The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation



Anderson, A.J.  (2001)  Psychoeducational Group Therapy for the Dually Diagnosed
 International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. 5, 77-78

This 10 session structured psychoeducational group is designed for use on inpatient and residential settings.  However it may also have specific applications in out-patient settings as well.  This group therapy program is focused on empowering  patients to increase their personal responsibility for their own recovery; recovery from significant drug/alcohol use and recovery from mental illness.  This program takes a client centered approach to working with these difficult patients and can be used quite successfully with motivational interviewing and other psychosocial rehabilitation approaches.
This psychoeducational approach was first piloted at Bellevue Hospital in New York and has been modified over the past 10 years in clinical settings in Honduras, Washington DC and London.  Thus, this handbook was developed by a variety of clinicians and clinical settings over the past decade to teach professional staff to run psychoeducational groups with dual diagnosis patients. It was designed to be used in conjunction with 10 one hour training sessions.  This manual is for all staff, using information from Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, OT, Rehabilitation Counseling and Nursing departments to provide information about addiction and mental illness in an organised and systematic manner.  No matter what your professional affiliation, running these groups will:
(66 pages in Word for Windows 7.0 format)
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We'd like to acknowledge the considerable contribution of Dr. Hugo Franco, Dr. Sylvia Boris, Dr. Samuel Alverez, Mr. Martin Rodriguez and Mr. Roger Evans for their dedication to the various drafts and pilots of this project.

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