The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 17
Number 2

A phenomenological approach to psychological treatment for the multidisciplinary
care of chronic back pain

Cecchi, Gagliano, Paperini, Bouncristiani, Lotti, Casale & Lera

Working in Partnership to Develop, Implement and Evaluate a Skills
Based Group for People with Bipolar Disorder/Schizoaffective Disorder

Oliver, McGlinchey, Sardinha & Sarma

Working Towards Recovery:The Role of Employment in Recovery From Serious
Mental Health Problems: A Qualitative Meta-synthesis

Walsh & Tickle 

Horses, Mindfulness and the Natural Environment: Observations from a
Qualitative Study with At-Risk Young People Participating in Therapeutic


Management of the Mental Hospital

Evidence for exercise therapy in the treatment of depression and anxiety
Knapen & Vancampfort 

Factors affecting substance abuse treatment across different treatment

Flora & Stalikas

Pausing to Consider the Impact of Cultural Trends On Mental Health

O'Brien & Crowhurst

Perception of Community Reintegration From Correctional and
Psychiatric Settings


Western and Indigenous Conceptualizations of Self, Depression,
and its Healing


Investigation into use of drugs in wrong nervous system indications
among students in Chittagong city of Bangladesh: a comparison between
medical and nonmedical students

Chowdhury, Haque, Ayesha

Volume 17
Number 1

Peer Perspectives:Expectations and Satisfaction with Certified Peer Specialist
Lien & Meissen

Coping with Epilepsy:  How Do They Influence Health-Related Quality of Life

Lua, Neni & Samira

Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in Certified Peer Specialists
Grant & Dziadkowiec

Low Frequency Sound Treatment Promoting Physical and Emotional Relaxation
-Qualitative Study

Ahonen, Deek & Kroeker

Depressive Realism Hypothesis:  Reflections and Critical Analysis

Impact of Therapeutic Community Training on Knowledge and Attitudes
of Correctional Officers

Talpede, Talpade & Marshall-Story

Evidence Based Guidelines to Improve Engagement and Participation for
People Experiencing Depression

Hitch, Taylor, Pepin & Stagnitti

What Does Recovery Mean to Adults who Self-injure?
An interpretative Phenomenological Analysis


Phases of the Recovery Process From Psychiatric Disabilities
Spaniol & Wewiorski

Patient-Centered Care and Psychiatric Rehabilitation: What's the Connection?

Coping Mechanism Versus Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) Among
Methadone Maintance Treatment (MMT) Program Participants

Lua & Samira