The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 16
Number 2

The Impact of Forensic Peer Support Specialists on Risk Reduction and
Discharge Readiness in a Psychiatric Facility -  A Five-Year Perspective

Short, Woods-Nyce, Cross, Hurst, Gordish & Raia

Study on the association between severity/recovery of depression and
severity/recovery of gross motor retardation

Knapen, Coppens, Vancampfort, Minguet, Schueuremans,  De Herdt &  Probst

Creation of the Pillars of Peer Support Services Transforming Mental
Health Systems of Care 

Grant, Daniels, Powell, Fricks, Goodale & Bergeson

Quality of Life and Social Support in Spouses of Patients With Depression
Wang & Zhao

Social Work Intervention for Disability Management of Persons with
Schizophrenia in India with reference to Rural Areas


Unpacking drug detoxification in Nepal: in-depth interviews with participants
to identify reasons for success and failure

Jha & Plumber

Positive effects of Spirituality on Quality of life for People with
Severe Mental Illness


Home Care Services – The Basic Instrument of Support for of the
Mentally Ill in Poland

Bronowski, Sawicka, & Charzynska

Peer-led vs. Clinician-led Recovery-Oriented Groups: What Predicts
Attendance by Veterans?

Bottonari, Schultz, Resnick, Mueller, Clark, Eisen, & Eisen

‘Building Babies Brains’: A mental health program for promoting parenting
skills for parents of ‘at risk’ children

McGrath, Rawson-Huff & Holewa

Coping With Epilepsy: How Do They Influence Health-Related
Quality of Life (Hrqol)?

Lua, Neni & Samira

Volume 16
Number 1

Abstinence Predictors among Substance Dependents Treated in
a Brazilian Psychosocial Care Center

 Marini, Brandalise, Schnornberger & Heldt

Motivational Interviewing and Assertive Community Treatment:
A Case for Training ACT Teams

 Manthey, Blajeski & Monroe-DeVita

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Needs Of Residents Of A Half –Way House
for Mental Health Care Users In Durban, South Africa

 Sampson & Zambuco

A First-Person Exploration of the Experience of Academic Reintegration
after First Episode Psychosis

 Zafran, Tallant, & Gelinas

Study on the Perceived Exertion during a Graded Exercise Test in Patients
with Depressive and Anxiety Disorders

 Knapen, Vancampfort, Raepsaet, & Probst

Programs That Support Employment for People With Severe Mental Illness:
A Literature Review

 Becker, Flack & Wickham

Action Research on Impact of Emotional Resilience Curriculum on Children

 Sethi & Singh

The Nature of Informal Learning of Mental Health Caseworkers
 Iseminger & Donaldson

Understanding Psycho-Social Issues in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
and Impact of Remedial Measures

 Singh, Rohilla, Siwach, Dhankar, & Kaur

Implementing Empowerment Psychoeducation in a Psychosocial
Rehabilitation Setting

 Phillips & Schade

Building Community in Mental Health

Inclusion of people with mental illness in Community Based Rehabilitation:
Need of the Day

 Janardhana & Naidu