The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 15
Number 2
Family Burden and Rehabilitation Need of beneficiaries of a Rural Mental
Health Camp in a Southern state of India
Prafulla, Murthy & Ramaprasad

Met and Unmet Needs of Persons with Severe Mental Illness in a Half Way Home
Kamlesh, Sophia, Dharitri & Kalyanasundaram

Social Disability and Symptomatic Outcome in Schizophrenia
-Where are the Unmet Needs of Schizophrenia Patients?
Wolff et al

Recovery and Self-Esteem:  Concurrent Validity of the Recovery Assessment Scale
Mukolo, Heflinger & Baxter

The Therapeutic Environment of Long-term
Rehabilitation Units for Patients with Chronic Mental Illness:
A Participant Observation Study in Four Hostels in Greece
Sikelianou & Mavreas

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Needs of Residents of a Half -Way
House for Mental Health Care Users in Durban, South Africa
Simpson & Zambuko

It’s Not Easy Being a Child Lover: Applying Techniques of Neutralization
Theory to Case Studies of  Intergenerational Intimacy in the Philippines

 Measurement of Vocational and Educational Aspiration
and Satisfaction Among Mental Health Clients
Rich & Delgado

 Promoting Self management in Indigenous People
with Mental Illness and Substance Misuse
Nagel & Griffin

 Coping with Comorbid Cancer and Schizophrenia:
A Case Series Analysis
Cross & Rudnick

Volume 15
Number 1

Innovation in the Group Home Design:

Applying ‘Group-as-a-Whole’ to a Fairweather Lodge
Semmelhack, Ende, Gluzerman, Farrell, Hazell & Schultz

The Clubhouse Family Legal Support Project:
A Framework for Replication and Development
Hartwell & Watts

Healing and Hope for the Homeless:
An Evaluation of Project Excell
Talpade, Talpade & Lattimore

Community Treatment Orders: The Service User Speaks
Exploring the Lived Experience of Community Treatment Orders
Schwartz, O'Brian, Moral, Armstrong, Fleming, Moore

Motivation to physical activity in non-psychotic psychiatric inpatients
Raepsaet , Knapen, Vancampfort, & Probst

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for the Treatment of Borderline
Personality Disorder: An Evaluation of the Evidence

Multiculturalism and Mental Illness: Views of Mental Health
Professionals on Mentally Ill Economic Migrants In Greece
Sikelianou, Koutli, & Alexandridou

Stress, Immunity, and Health: Research Findings and Implications

Building a Bridge from Hospital to Community: One Patient’s Experience
O'Brien, Hewitt, Hosain, & Lauzon

European Union’s Lifelong Learning Policy and the EMILIA
Mental Health Project:  Including the Excluded
Griffiths, Ogunleye, Greacen & Ryan