The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The International Journal of  Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Volume 14
Number 2
Shortfalls of Treatment for Patients with Schizophrenia: Unmet Needs, Obstacles to Recovery
Perese & Wu

Healthcare Professionals and Service User's Perception of Mental Health Support Workers

What Are the Required Competencies of The "Effective" Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner?
 Comparing Perspectives of Service Users, Service
Providers and Family Members
Roe, Telem, Baloush-Klienman, Gelkopf & Rudnick

Rehabilitation Needs of Persons with Major Mental Illness in India
Pillai, Sahu, Matthew, Hazra, Chandran & Ram
Quality Of Life (Qol) and Marital Adjustment in Epilepsy and Comparisons with Psychiatric Illnesses
Vibha, Saddichha & Akhtar

Preliminary Psychometrics of a New Scale: A Sense of Acceptance in Community Activities
Solomon, Lee, Chatterjee & McClaine

The Role of Work in Therapy: Results from a Survey of Licensed Clinicians in New Jersey
Gervey & Cordeiro

Reference Group Focused Therapy: A New Integrative Short-Term Social-Psychological Based Approach
Salganik & Soifer

Optimizing Parent Coaches’ Ability to Facilitate Mastery
Experiences of Parents of Children with Autism
Raj & Kumar

Disability in schizophrenia and its relationship with duration of illness and age of onset

Volume 14
Number 1

Integration of Peer Support Workers into Community Mental Health Teams
Richard, Jongbloed & MacFarlane

Recovery in Schizophrenia: The Viability of Recovery and Can Psychoanalysis Play a Role?

The effects of a cognitive training program on trained and untrained
cognitive functions of non demented elderly and Alzheimer’s patients
Tsantali, Tsolaki, & Economides

The Effectiveness of Community Support Systems and Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Services for Mentally Ill Children and their Families


Neurofeedback Training to Enhance Learning and Memory in Patient with Traumatic
Brain Injury: a Single Case Study

Reddy,Rajan, Bagavathula, & Kandavel

Organisational views of the Mental Health Support Worker role and function

The EMILIA project: The impact of a lifelong learning intervention on the sense of
coherence of mental health service users


Experienced Long-Term Benefits Of Group Psychoeducation Among Forensic and
Challenging Non-Forensic Patients with Schizophrenia

Aho-Mustonen, Miettinen, Räty & Timonen

‘I have to Get Really Honest with Me’: Findings on Recovery from Mental Illness